Materials Grants-Number Corner

Number Corner 2nd Edition Grants

Number Corner is an interactive bulletin board that revolves around the classroom calendar, providing skills practice as well as continual encounters with broader mathematical concepts. An essential component of the Bridges in Mathematics curriculum, Number Corner can be used to complement any K–5 math program.

The Math Learning Center offers Number Corner Grants to districts interested in introducing a supplemental skills development program. Each grant is comprised of up to 1 set of classroom kits K–5, or 6 kits in total.


Any school or district in the United States may apply. Preference will be given to those not already using Bridges in Mathematics, Number Corner, or Bridges Intervention. This grant program is not intended to be used as a method for offsetting the cost of implementing Number Corner.

Your school is not eligible if:

  • The school previously received any type of grant or donation from The Math Learning Center.
  • The school is already using Number Corner.
  • Another school in your district already received a Number Corner Grant. For a map of previous recipients, please see our Charitable Contributions map on the Materials Grants page.


Applications are due by May 31. While we accept applications throughout each year, decisions are made in June so that we can provide materials prior to the beginning of the school year. Applications received after May 31 will be held and reviewed the following year.


If you have any questions, please contact Shanel Parette


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