Bridges 2nd Edition Family Support-Grade 2

In grade 2 math, your child will:

  • solve two-step addition and subtraction story problems to 100
  • add and subtract to 20; know addition facts to 20 by memory
  • read and write 3-digit numbers using numerals, words, and expanded notation (726 = 700 + 20 + 6)
  • understand that the three digits of a 3-digit number represent amounts of hundreds, tens, and ones
  • use symbols >, =, < to compare two 3-digit numbers
  • add and subtract 2-digit numbers accurately and efficiently, and explain strategies for doing so
  • add and subtract 3-digit numbers using models, sketches, and/or numbers, and explain strategies for doing so
  • estimate and measure length in centimeters and meters, inches and feet.
  • divide circles and rectangles into two, three, and four equal parts and describe the parts
  • recognize, draw, and analyze 2- and 3-D shapes
  • solve money problems involving dollars, quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies

Family Welcome Letter An introduction to Bridges including an overview of the year. Available in English  or  Spanish.

Additional Resources

The following selection of games and activities will help your child to practice some of these skills at home.


Math Lines In this game, race to pair numbers that add up to a target sum. Before your child plays, review the pairs of numbers that add up to the target sum. You might even look at different ways to make the number using game pieces, marbles, or pennies.

Addition with Manipulatives Players see and hear an addition problem. They can drag marbles onto a work surface to help them figure out the problem. Play includes five levels of addition, starting with simple 1-digit problems. Players must score 70% or greater to advance levels. Audio directions.


Balloon Pop Subtraction View a subtraction problem and pop balloons to figure out the solution. Three levels of difficulty available as well as audio directions.

How Many Under the Shell? Determine how many bubbles are left under the shell after Otka hides them. Choose addition, subtraction, or both. (Flash)

Clear It Addition Create number sentences that add up to the target numbers provided. Earn stars for extra points and clear the board before the timer runs out.


Inches to Feet Students match measurements in inches to their equivalent in inches and feet. This game involves mental computation that might be challenging for some. (Flash)

Measurement Game: Centimeters View a red line next to a centimeter ruler and select the correct answer from four options.


Coin Combo Players click on coins to equal total money value shown. Coins continually fall in columns; when a column fills, the game is over. Levels increase in difficulty, starting with nickels & dimes and small money values and increasing to larger coins and money amounts. (Flash)

Coin Box Learn how to count, collect, exchange, and make change for coins. The coin tiles help you count as you learn the value of each coin.

Learn to Count Money Players count money by moving coins and bills into a box. The game becomes progressively more difficult as students master levels. Level 1, count to 99 cents. Level 2, count to $10. Level 3, count to $100. Also choose from beginner level (using any combination of coins) and expert levels (using least number of bills and coins.)


Concentration Click on the shape mode to play a game in which you match each shape with its name.

Geoboard App With this virtual geoboard, students stretch bands around pegs to make discoveries about shapes. iPad and online versions available.


Mathman Fractions View a dot on a number line, determine the fraction, then eat the ghost with that fraction to earn points. (Flash)

More Games

The links below contain some of the best games for elementary math students to play at home. Look through the sites to find other activities for your child.

ABCya! The math games on this site, modeled from primary grade lessons, were approved of or created by teachers.

Cyberchase The popular PBS show hosts a site with about 50 games and activities, along with movie clips that explore math concepts.

Johnnie's Math Page Use this online index to find hundreds of interactive math games on the web, organized by concept.

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives Organized by grade band and math concept, this Utah State University site contains a wide selection of virtual manipulatives.

Other Helpful Information

The Math Learning Center provides a free collection of apps that can help your child learn and practice math concepts taught in their classroom. Learn more

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