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Current Job Opportunities

Join our rapidly growing team of mission-driven professionals who are passionate about shaping math education. Select a position below to learn more.

Chief Academic Officer

The Chief Academic Officer will lead and consult with an internal team to ensure sound mathematics and pedagogy as well as promote our mission and philosophy to external audiences.

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Chief Learning Officer

The Chief Learning Officer will lead an integrated team that is accountable for excellence from conceptual design through implementation support.

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Contract Specialist

The Contract Specialist will provide analysis, guidance, and recommendations to relationship owners while shepherding all agreements to a conclusion beneficial to MLC.

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Director of Educator Support

The Director of Educator Support will establish, nurture, and lead a nationwide network that delivers sustained implementation support.

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Content Marketing Manager

The Content Marketing Manager will create and communicate powerful stories of making sense of math.

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Event Marketing Specialist

The Event Marketing Specialist will develop and execute plans for increasing awareness and outreach, from initial interest through implementation and continued partnerships.

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Product Marketing Manager

The Product Marketing Manager will lead positioning, market research, and provide a valuable customer-centric lens for informing product development.

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